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Sellers Maximum Exposure Marketing Plan

Maximum Exposure = Maximum sales price!!

My Maximum Exposure Marketing plan, MEM, is based on a very active system of marketing your home in giving it maximum exposure in finding and reaching out to potential buyers and “bringing them in,” rather than the traditional passive method of marketing which utilizes a few signs and some printed material and waiting for the buyers to come to us.

Here is what I will do to get your home sold for top dollar

  1. Input the listing into not only local but many out of area Multiple Listing Services. I subscribe and feed to over 50 MLS services so your home is seen by both local home shoppers and agents and home shoppers and agents all over California and in other extended areas such as San Diego County, Palm Springs, Arizona and Las Vegas. I also belong to the largest international listing MLS and will advertise your home to all of Asia, Europe and the middle east in a variety of languages
  2. Place your home on our internet Maximum Exposure Marketing system to place your home at the top of google searches. I utilize many different websites such as; and many top real estate websites such as,,,,,,,,, and over 300 other websites.
  3. I will say it again because it’s worth repeating, YOUR HOME will be placed at the TOP of google searches to be seen by EVERY potential home shopper looking to buy a home in the Santa Clarita area. No joking, no kidding!
  4. Your home will also be shown and advertised on U-tube videos.
  5. Your home will be shown and advertised on mobile phone devices.
  6. We use special search engine optimization techniques, SEO, and work with a brilliant SEO consultant that NOBODY else can even come close to so that your home receives Maximum exposure marketing. Yes, it costs us lots of extra time, effort, and $$$ but it differentiates us from everyone else and gets you top dollar for your home because Maximum exposure=Maximum sales price!
  7. Take many high quality photos and do virtual tours of your home We will then place those photos and video tours on websites, mobile sites & youtube. We guarantee you that these photos will be fantastic and meet with the most highest of standards. 98% of the homebuyers begin their searches online based on photos of the homes so we realize that photos are the key to finding the buyers and bringing them to your door!
  8. We will help you and advise you with getting your home “ready to show.” This includes “staging” your home so that it looks beautiful so it can obtain the best possible price and sell much faster than other non staged homes. You never get a second chance to make a first impression so we view home staging as an essential part of selling a home and include it as part of our listing package.
  9. Contact thousands of buyers by email that are in my data base, I have a large online web presence with several websites and advertising at the top of google that attracts buyers to view your home.
  10. Email RE/MAX agents locally, nationwide and internationally. One of the GREATEST benefits of being a RE/MAX agent is that I am part of a NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL network with over 100,000 agents in almost 100 countries!! We have a REMAX in Bejing China, Armenia, Russia, Israel, Korea, Estonia, Finland, Spain, etc..... NOBODY ELSE comes close to that!! I also personally joined an international MLS network so that I can also reach out via email or the phone to thousands of agents both around the country and worldwide who are not part of the RE/MAX network.
  11. Email agents in my own networking groups of agents from other companies large and small.
  12. Present your home at my local association and networking meetings so that those agents see and hear about your home from me in person.
  13. Hold and host “broker open houses” where agents and brokers are invited to have lunch and view your home for their potential buyers. I have sold many homes as a result of these broker opens, they create a “buzz” about a new home on the market
  14. . Hold “public open houses” which will be well advertised(not required upon sellers request)
  15. Call agents who previously have shown homes similar to yours and may be interested in your home
  16. Contact thousands of buyers by email that are in my data base, I have a large online web presence with several websites and advertising at the top of google that attracts buyers to view your home. I capture potential buyer emails in many ways, many see me as an authority on the SCV, and send them information about your home.
  17. Call buyers and agents who are viewing homes of a similar size and or price range to yours, we track these buyers online so we know who they are and what they are looking for!
  18. Contact prospective buyers regularly so that they know about your home.
  19. Contact home sellers regularly because many of those sellers also become buyers.
  20. Email you market updates about current real estate market activity.
  21. Obtain buyer feedback about your home showings.
  22. Keep you regularly informed and updated about the progress of your home sale marketing and the progress of your escrow after the buyer is found.
  23. Prequalify buyers and review their qualifications with their agents and lenders. This includes investigating their income, FICO credit score, funding for down payment and debt to income ratios. We will not open escrow until we are satisfied that the buyer is capable of closing the sale.
  24. Negotiate “hard” with buyers and other agents so that we obtain “top dollar” and the best terms for your home.
  25. Open escrow, order title and handle all required disclosures, documents, appraisals and inspections so that escrow is as stress free and simple as possible. Basically you sign the papers and collect your check in the mail, its our job to handle the details.
  26. Placing a Supra computerized lockbox on your property which captures the names and identification of all agents who are authorized to use the supra system(no lockbox required upon sellers request)
  27. Placing a whimsical “house” sign on the property with a “scan code” that a potential buyer driving buy can get instant information about your home by swiping a cell phone onto the sign (no sign required upon sellers request)

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REMAX of Valencia
27720 Dickason DR #232
Valencia, Ca 91355

Phone: 818-305-0029
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