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RE/MAX Real estate Agent Lauren Nemeschansky

Author: Lauren Nemeschansky
Real Estate agent Lauren Nemeschansky
Real estate, real estate agent

About Lauren

Lauren Nemeschansky, originally raised at the New Jersey shore area, born to a family of Realtors, did her first open house at the age of 11, so you could say that “real estate is in her blood.” Her father owned a furniture store in Toms River N.J. where she learned to decorate or “stage” vacant summer homes with furniture and props borrowed from the store to help them sell quickly and for a much better price.

Although she enjoys conferences, networking and other socializing events and will usually be found somewhere telling some pretty funny jokes or stories, Lauren is basically a homebody who prefers to associate with people who are honest and down to earth that she describes as “real.” She loves to read, write articles and blogs, do scenic photography, play golf and cook. She also loves to eat what she cooks, sometimes a bit too much and has incorporated exercise into her daily schedule. As a former teacher and therapist, Lauren developed her own system for teaching learning disabled children to read and helps to work with dyslexic children as a reading volunteer.
Lauren’s favorite quote is not from a great philosopher but from the punch-line of an old joke, told to her by her beloved father when she was a little girl; “Have faith in G-d but when he tosses you a rope, you better know to grab it!” Those words have gotten her through several tragedies in her life including the loss of her father at a young age.
Lauren has lived, worked and raised her two sons in Santa Clarita for over 27 years. She holds a Master of Science Degree from California State University Northridge and is an accredited staging professional and a member of the International Association of Home Staging Professionals. She is also a Certified Distressed Property Expert, CDPE and HAFA certified and has negotiated with many banks to prevent foreclosures. Lauren is a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist and has helped families with inherited properties deal with the entire multi step process of making the property ready for sale. This usually includes, not only packing up belongings, cleaning, repairing and staging the home but also removing reverse mortgages and other liens and navigating the probate court legal system.
Lauren has been married for 30 years to Dennis Nemeschansky, her technology coordinator who is a Princeton graduate and a professor at USC who also helps her with their highly ranked internet marketing system which they developed together to get her listings seen locally and globally so they get sold quickly for the best price possible.
Lauren has always believed that “you reap what you sow,” and that by rolling up her sleeves and going that extra mile of staging and marketing a home “a little better,” by working a little harder and thinking “outside the box” will reap the greatest rewards for her and her clients.

Contact Information

ReMAX of Santa Clarita
25101 The Old Road
Santa Clarita, Ca 91381

Email: Realtorlauren@gmail.com
Phone: (661)-310-8215
Other websites: www.ValeyshortsaleExpert.com www.Whatsitworth.com
Blogs: www.SCVknow.blog.com www.valleshortsaleforum.com

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About Lauren

REMAX Real Estate Agent
Lauren Nemeschansky is a REMAX
Real Estate agent serving
all of Santa Clarita,
Valencia, Stevenson Ranch,
Saugus, Canyon Country,
Newhall and Castaic.
San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles
HAFA short Sale Expert
CDPE certified real estate agent
M.S. Degree from California State University, Northridge
Real Estate License DRE#0172935: