New home construction in Santa Clarita

new construction in   Santa Clarita
One sign that the Santa Clarita real estate is starting to boom is the return of new home construction in Santa Clarita. The new construction has always been a big source of homes for Santa Clarita home buyers.

Tour of model homes

Haven’t you taken a tour of the model homes just for decorating ideas and then fallen in love with the beautifully decorated new homes. Think about it for a second: if you have choice between a brand new home or a resale that are roughly of the same price which one would you choose. In the brand new home you can choose all the upgrades you want, and when you moving you have the type of flooring you like, no remodeling to be done. A lot of Santa Clarita home buyers choose the brand new construction in Santa Clarita. As a realtor I always visit the new home tour as they open. I must admit I also go to these model homes to get decorating ideas but I also go there for professional reasons to keep up with what is available for my Santa Clarita home buyers.

New phase release of model homes

At every new phase release there is a very long waiting list and some cases after you put your name on the waiting list you have to wait for several months to be invited to the phase release to choose your lot and model. The frustrating aspect of this long wait is that you the Santa Clarita home buyer will not know how much the home will cost by the time he is initiated to the phase release. Prices are going up in this hot Santa Clarita sellers market. The good think about the new construction is the help levitate the pressure on the Santa Clarita resale market and increase the inventory in the Santa Clarita real estate market. Currently our market is not very balanced as we only have a two months inventory.

Buying a brand new home from the builder

If you choose to buy a home from a builder there are several important things to keep in mind that I will outline below. When purchasing a single-family residences condominiums or town-homes there are a lot of factors to consider. This applies in particular if you are purchasing a new home from the builder. It is smart to have a realtor represent you in the transaction. Many buyers do not realize that they can be represented by their real estate agent when buying a home that is a new construction. Most builders offer a regular commission to the agent if the real estate agent registers the buyer. Remember that in order for the real estate to be able to represent you the realtor must be with you the very first time you visit the the model home. Otherwise you will be represented by the builder and you loose all the advantages of being represented by your own real estate agent.

Why use a real estate agent

A real estate agent will always be there to help you, protect you and advise you on real estate related issues. In many case a real estate agent can help you get additional upgrades from the builder. Being represented by a real estate agent will not cost anything extra. A real estate agent is there to protect your interest to view the real estate contracts.

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Article: New home construction in Santa Clarita-How to buy a new home
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New home construction in Santa Clarita-How to buy a new home

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