Search MLS in Santa Clarita -Find homes for sale with an iPhone or iPad app

You can now search MLS on your iPhone and iPad while on the go. Using your iPhone you can find all homes in Santa Clarita that are for sale. Get Santa Clarita MLS listings with home photos on your iPhone and iPad from any location. Search details of homes for sale wherever you go, its very easy to use. This app is AWSOME . The graphics are excellent and the photos of the homes show clear and crisp on the iPhone. The search MLS app provides details about all the homes for sale in Santa Clarita. The map changes locations based on your current geographical location. It allows you to search MLS for a home in many different ways while you are mobile.

Find listings of houses for sale in your current location

If you are driving down a street in any Santa Clarita neighborhood you can just click the locator button on the bottom left hand corner “circle” icon and all the houses for sale within a certain radius will pop up. You just click on a house and do a full MLS search for every house listed for sale. The app is constantly updated with current listing information so you must occasionally hit the “refresh” button at the top of the screen in order for the newest listings to appear.

Different types of MLS searches are available to find homes in the SCV

You can do an MLS search by setting the search parameters. Here are some options that you have available when you search MLS: You can choose the minimum and maximum price range. You can also choose the minimum number of bedrooms or bathrooms. Finally you can set the minimum size of the house. When displaying the search results you have three options. The default option is a map search. The second is a map search with an aerial view and the last is a list of all the house with a short description, with more details for each house available by just one click.

How to make a showing appointment

You can hit the button at the top left of the screen at any time to email or call agent for viewing appointment or for more information about any of the homes. I am here to help you to find a great home and this app can make the process much easier. There are many good online MLS searches but often times just driving around a neighborhood you want to know what homes are for sale and the prices. This app allows you to get immediate information about all homes for sale and interior photos of the homes before you call the agent.

Video of search MLS app on iPhone

How to get this mobile search MLS app

To get this free MLS mobile app to search MLS where you are. Send me an email: with your name and I will send this app to search MLS to you with a user code. You only have to use the code the first time, unless you clear your cookies. I will also send you complete directions about how to use the app. I think this app is very useful and makes home shopping much more mobile and easier. If you have any real estate related questions contact me, Lauren Nemeschanksy at (661)310-8215 or visit my website .
Plese also check out my new video on how to search MLS with an iPhone.

Article: Find homes for sale on your iPhone-search MLS
Author: Lauren Nemeschansky : Following me on Google plus
Source: Santa Clarita Real Estate Agent

Find homes for sale on your iPhone-search MLS

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