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Selling a home in an increasing real estate market

Selling a home in an increasing real estate market such as Santa Clarita which appears to be rebounding presents some careful decisions to be made by the home seller. While it is good news to potential sellers that partially because of low inventory home sale prices are on the rise, it does create a new set of problems for the home owners. One of the decisions to be made is whether or not it is currently the right time to sell or if still waiting would be the best solution. The answer depends on the homeowner’s reason for selling. If the homeowner has been waiting to move up or downsize than the consequence of waiting could be that they may have to pay more for their “replacement home” and pay a higher property tax on it. Also, we still do not know which type of home or what neighborhood will increase at a faster pace than others. A homeowner who waits must be willing to ask him or herself if the waiting will actually cost them money in the long run because the replacement home may increase at a higher rate than the current home. Read more


Home Buying in a Competitive Real Estate Market

The Santa Clarita real estate market has changed from a balanced market to one where inventory is limited and demand for housing is exceeding the number of homes available for sale. The days of a buyer being able to place lowball offers on several “foreclosure” or bank owned properties where typically one or several of the offers would be accepted are behind us. Banks are working harder than ever along with the US government to decrease the amount of foreclosed homes being placed on the market in an attempt to further stabilize and increase the current real estate market. Short sales, while still a difficult and often painfully slow process are becoming more streamline as improved policies are being put into place. Home sellers are beginning to place their homes on the market for sale because they realize that they now have less competition from the foreclosed properties that were previously pulling down their property values. These “standard sale” homes are attracting multiple offers from both traditional buyers who are trying to get into a home with the excellent mortgage rates and terms that are available and from investors who see real estate investing in a now “rebounding” or “increasing” market as an excellent investment and the best alternative compared with other investment opportunities available. Read more


How to choose the best elementary or Junior high or High school in Santa Clarita for your child

There are many excellent schools serving all of the age levels and needs in Santa Clarita, Valencia, Stevenson Ranch, Canyon Country, Saugus, Newhall and Castaic. The schools have all won awards on either the national or state level or both. There is truly no single school that could be called “the best.” If you speak to the parents of the children who attend the various schools in our community it is likely that at least 90% of those parents will tell you that their child’s school is “the best.” As a former school teacher, long time resident and Realtor I can tell you that this is the “absolute truth.” Several times a year I am contacted by parents asking to move up to a larger home but within the same school boundaries that their child is currently attending because without a doubt that school is “the best.” Each school has its own special unique qualities that make it a better fit for some children possibly than others but there is no absolute guide or criteria that can be used to quantify that a certain school is the best in our community. Read more.


How to decide whether it is better to buy or rent?

When you own a home in Santa Clarita there are a multitude of tax benefits and mortgage deductions so your monthly amount is actually much less than what the identical amount of rental payments would be. Another important factor in home ownership is that your monthly payments can be “fixed” so that you always know what your payment will be each and every month for many years, it will never increase with a fixed rate mortgage. Even if you purchase a condominium or buy a townhome which is quite common in areas such as Valencia and Canyon Country, which has a homeowners association fee(HOA), there is a limit each year on how much it can go up. It is also important to realize that you are building equity as your mortgage is being paid off. If you take out a 30 year mortgage when you buy your home you have the comfort of knowing that eventually your home will be paid off for your “retirement years.” Read more


How a short sale works to help with high mortgage debt forgiveness

"A short sale is often a good debt relief option and foreclosure avoidance alternative for a home owner who owes more debt on their mortgage than their home’s current market value. These homeowners are commonly referred to as owners who are “upside down” on their mortgage debt . The benefits of a short sale is that once approved by the lender the homeowner is forgiven all of the mortgage debt on both the first and second equity line which will never have to be repaid. Usually the homeowner can qualify for a new mortgage loan to purchase their next home in approximately 24 months after the short sale is completed. The homeowner’s credit can remain intact although it often does take a moderate drop in the FICO score mainly because of any missed mortgage payments rather than as a result of the short sale itself. Read more


Divorce and Real Estate in Santa Clarita

"Protecting yourself from losing your assets resulting from a divorce, is a major concern for many Santa Clarita residents who are either considering a divorce, going through a divorce or in a post divorce situation. Be aware that there are some very useful things that a person can do to protect themselves from financial disaster resulting from a divorce, usually the sooner that issue is addressed the better. Some other very important concerns associated with divorce are the sale of the family home and how it will affect the stress level and emotional well being of children and other family members and issues concerning custody, child support and alimony. Read more

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