Selling homes in Santa Clarita

Rising  Santa Clarita real Estate Market

Selling a Santa Clarita home can be confusing in an increasing Santa Clarita real estate market. Santa Clarita home prices are increasing. Home sales are up for standard sales as compared with most sales being short sales or pre-foreclosures only a few months ago.

Santa Clarita home sales are becoming a sellers’ market

Home sales in Santa Clarita has turned quickly to become a sellers’ market. Only a short time ago it was a buyers market. There were many homes waiting to be sold and not enough home buyers. Now we have many home buyers trying to buy homes but not enough homes to sell. There is a limited inventory of homes in Santa Clarita and so a seller can get top dollar if they know what to do.

The market is increasing making selling a home in Santa Clarita good timing

Timing is important when it comes to selling a home. Now that home prices are rising it may be a good time to sell a home. Interest rates are still low but they are climbing up slowly. We don’t know what effect rising interest rates may have on home prices. Hopefully, for Santa Clarita home sellers the prices will continue to rise. However with rising interest rates the increase in Santa Clarita home prices may be temporary.

Santa Clarita home sellers learn to increase those bids

Santa Clarita home sellers can increase bids by exposing their homes to more buyers. Homes listed for sale in Santa Clarita should be marketed to many buyers. The more buyers that see the home the more offers you will receive. You should have as many online home photos as possible. A seller should allow buyers to view their Santa Clarita homes for sale. A lockbox should be used so that people can tour your Santa Clarita home in person while you are away. If you expose your home to more buyers then you will receive more offers. When you receive multiple offers on your home the buyers will often compete with higher bids to buy your Santa Clarita home. When the home buyers and their Realtors realize that there are many multiple offers on your home for sale they will usually increase their offer price. The price of the offers often increase based on the amount of offers received.

Article: Selling a Santa Clarita home in a increasing real estate market
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Source: Santa Clarita Real Estate Agent

Selling a Santa Clarita home in a increasing real estate market

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